Vietnamese airline steward outfits through various stages

A significant variable that makes the picture of a business is uniform. Making uniforms for flight attendants is very important for airlines because they not only represent the company’s image but also the culture of the country. Through stages, this article will help you learn about Vietnamese flight attendant uniforms.

Vietnam Carriers airline steward uniform

Vietnam Carriers is Vietnam’s first and biggest aircraft, established in 1956. At the point when it originally sent off, the carrier’s uniform was white shirts and purple jeans.

to overcome the disadvantages of the previous uniform in the following period. Vietnam Carriers chose to change. The uniform this time holds the white shirt, changing the ladies’ pants into a naval force blue skirt. This uniform model features the womanliness and tenderness of Vietnamese ladies. To get the more information check

Not fulfilled after two uniform changes, for the third change, Vietnam Carriers chose to pick a blue ao dai. As a result of this change, an image of flowing ao dai and Vietnamese identity has emerged.

For the fourth change, the carrier chose to change the airline steward uniform to a lotus pink ao dai.

From that point onward, Vietnam Carriers chose to pick Bordeaux red ao dai as the uniform for airline stewards. This is the uniform that has stayed with the organization the longest. In 2014, Vietnam Carriers was regarded to be on the rundown of the 10 most gorgeous aircraft regalia on the planet.

The current attire of the company is a cutting-edge ao dai. The jade green tone is rich for economy class airline stewards.

Blue is for ground orderlies. Sumptuous yellow tone for boss airline stewards and business class airline stewards. There isn’t a lot of distinction between male airline stewards. As yet keeping the old style with a dim suit.

Jetstar Pacific Vietnam airline steward uniform

Jetstar Pacific formally went into activity in 2008 and immediately turned into the primary minimal expense carrier in Vietnam. The primary color of the airline’s flight attendant uniform was initially orange. Female airline stewards wear present day Ao Dai, male airline stewards wear dark Shirts with orange trim joined with dark jeans. The outfit addresses the organization’s young and dynamic picture.

After over 4 years of activity, Jetstar Pacific chose to change its airline steward outfits. Male airline stewards continued as before, female airline stewards’ outfits changed from present day ao dai to dark skirts. The external layer is an orange vest.

VietJet Air airline steward uniform

VietJet Air is another carrier in Vietnam. The organization’s regalia likewise show an energetic and dynamic soul.

This uniform model is gotten from the outfits of trainees in the old Public Watchman. includes the checkered shorts, red shirt, and hat. The carrier’s airline stewards wear them to emphasize their dynamic excellence. Desire, youth, and a firm belief are always prepared to conquer the skies of Vietnam and the rest of the world.

Vietnam Bamboo Flight Attendant Uniform Bamboo is the newest manufacturer of public goods in Vietnam. The uniforms of the company are based on four primary color tones: green, white, blue, brown. based on the image of Vietnamese bamboo and inspired by a desire to see new places.

The Bamboo airline steward uniform is the ideal blend of a stylish, honorable vest and skirt. The green scarf makes the outfit stand out.

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