I’m Neal Chandler, the founder of BeastsBay.com. I’m a boot-lover and boot expert who wants to help people find the perfect pair of boots for their lifestyle and budget. I’ve been in this field for five years, and I love what I do.

The Reason For Starting Blog On Footwear

I started this blog to share my knowledge on all things footwear and also to give you guys honest reviews of the best boots out there. So that you can get the best experience possible when you’re shopping for boots.

My favorite part of writing is knowing what other people are going through and being able to share with them. I’m always interested in hearing about your experiences with boots too. If you have questions about boots or any other topics that are important to you, don’t hesitate to ask me.

I have a passion for boots, but not any boots, just good boots. If they’re not good, they don’t last long, and that’s no fun. “But Neal, how can you possibly know if my boots are decent or not?” you’re undoubtedly wondering right now. Well, let me tell you: because I do it all the time.

I know all of your needs and can help you find the right pair of shoes or boots to suit your style and needs. I could go over their history or describe the intricate work involved in their design and construction. But you don’t need to know that.

You just want to know whether they’re right for you. So let me get straight to the point: I want to help you find boots that are 100% perfect for you. And I can guide you in finding them since they are out there.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us through the mail and I or my team member will surely try to reach you.