14 Best Work Boots For Concrete Workers In 2023

Concrete workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. As a concrete worker, you spend most of your time on foot and your boots must be up to the task. This means that the boots you wear need to be comfortable and offer good ankle support for all-day wear. With the right pair of boots, your feet will stay protected from slipping or falling over on uneven surfaces. So, we’re here to guide you and you will find the best boots for concrete workers in this blog post.

When it comes to construction, concrete is without a doubt the most important element. It provides support for tall buildings and roads and forms walls that keep homes safe from disaster. For workers in the concrete industry, sturdy boots are essential for all-day comfort.

The right pair can make all the difference when it comes to protecting workers’ feet from falls, punctures, or electrical shock. Finding a boot strong enough for concrete environments means looking for certain features.

But what makes a good boot? What materials are best? Are there any special features that add value? If you want to know more about finding the right boots for your next job site, follow along as we explore the ins and outs of the boots.

Select lightweight work boots that are made with rubber soles and leather uppers. So that they provide protection without weighing down your feet too much. The best brands also feature cushioned insoles, padded collars.

Our Recommendation: Irish Setter 6″ 83606 Work Boots for Concrete

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How To Choose The Right Boots for Concrete Work?

When people think about boots, they often consider fashionable trends. There are many different types of footwear to choose from, including dress shoes and athletic boots. Another type of boot is the work boot. People choose these boots for a variety of purposes. The most important thing to remember is that you need a pair that will keep your feet safe while on concrete and other surfaces.

Concrete is a widely used material for building roads, buildings, and other construction projects. It is also very rough and hard for the feet. This makes choosing the right boots to wear when working with concrete an important choice to make. Choosing the wrong boot can lead to many hours of foot pain and even injury. When choosing a boot, you need to consider your unique body type as well as your work environment.

Choose The Sole

Choose boots sole for concrete workers

When it comes to your boot sole, make sure that it’s a thick one. Since this will help take a lot of the shock from your feet. Also, the denser it is, the better it’ll be in the long run. Choose options that have a dense sole.

Select The Perfect Outsole

Let’s look at the two materials most commonly used for outsoles. TPU and rubber outsoles are both commonly used in work boots.

Thermo Polyurethane is a material most often found on shoes for people who have to do a lot of walking outside. It is resistant both to water and oil, and it holds up well against abrasion. This is one of the safest choices for your work shoes if you will be doing a lot of walking outdoors on rough or slippery surfaces.

Select The Right Insole

Boots generally come with a standard insole. An excellent boot, though, will have a customized insert. And it’s important to pay attention to this part of your boot. Because it’s one of the only things that protect your feet from hard surfaces. Today, many boots offer multiple options for their insoles. So, you can choose the one that accommodates your foot shape, such as your width or arch type. The more you know about your foot shape, the easier it is to make a good choice for an insole.

The Construction of The Sole

The way the shoes are made has a big effect on your experience wearing them. Cemented construction is heavier and more fatiguing for your feet. But it means you’ll have to replace the shoes once the soles wear out which means buying new boots. Stitch-down construction means you can just replace the rubber (also called the “sole”). When it wears down, which extends the life of your footwear and saves money.

The Size And Width of The Boots

When buying work boots for concrete, it is very important to consider your feet’ fit. If you choose a size smaller than your foot, the boots will squeeze your feet.

However, if you choose shoes that are too big, there may be room on the back of your feet, which can cause blisters as well as make you feel uncomfortable. After a long day of standing and walking on concrete surfaces.

Choose a pair of shoes should be neither too tight nor too loose. This will ensure that you can walk comfortably without getting rubbed or cramped.

Boots Durability

Everyone wants to purchase work boots that will last for several years. Quality materials, stitching, and construction are the three most important factors in determining how long the shoes will last.

A good boot should be made of high-quality materials and should protect the wearer’s feet from harsh working environments. These shoes will be worn in wet cement, heavy machines, chemicals, sharp metals, etc. So, it is important to buy a quality pair of durable boots. 

The High Heel of The Boots

A higher heel will place your feet in a good position. Even a difference of an inch may make a significant difference in your overall comfort at the end of the day.

The Materials of The Boots

If you are going to invest in a pair of work boots, make sure you choose the kind with the best materials. The original leather is the first choice because it provides a smooth feel on your feet and can be worn out for a long time.

The next option is not fabric, but Polyurethane leather and fabric. They provide extra breathability thanks to the inner mesh lining. Their insoles and outer sole are equally important.

A good-quality material can diminish rubbing and provide extra stability while moving around. Most of them are made of synthetic rubber and some even feature shock-absorbing features.


Waterproof Concrete Boots allow you to work around wet concrete. As a result, it is preferable if you select anything made of water-resistant material or durable leather.

Waterproof boots for concrete workers

Waterproof boots can keep your feet dry when you work around wet concrete. To find ones that are well-built, look for ones with materials that repel water or durable leather.

Electric Shock Protection

By wearing work boots, you can keep your feet safe from electrical risks, including stepping on electrically powered parts or conductors, electrical circuits, etc. To further protect your feet, make sure to purchase the premium electrical hazard-resistant models.

Our Picks Best Boots For Concrete Workers- Buying Guide & Reviews

Timberland Pro Men’s Endurance Waterproof Boots

For men who spend a lot of time outside, the Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance Waterproof Work Boot is an outstanding choice. The waterproof upper of these boots repels water and keeps feet dry even when you’re working or playing in wet conditions.

Timberland Pro Men's Endurance Waterproof Boots

Durable rubber outsoles offer traction on dry surfaces. While the dual-density midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption to complement the waterproof protection. The durable lacing system makes it easy to get a snug fit. That doesn’t loosen up over time, and the lace-up closure ensures a perfect fit every time you wear them.

Highlighted features 

  • Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable work boots that provide reliable performance.
  • Water-repellent leather uppers are made from durable synthetic leather.
  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • The anti-fatigue feature provides lasting cushioning and comfort.
  • Durable rubber outsoles with slip-resistant and oil-resistant properties.


  • Waterproof membrane
  • Removable antimicrobial polyurethane footbed
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber double toe


  • Slightly heavier
  • Sometimes sole separates because the manufacture

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ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men 

ROCKROOSTERs Men’s Work Boots are durable and waterproof and slip-resistant. The ROCKROOSTER work boots are made from the finest materials, a combination of light, dense, and highly-compressible EVA midsoles, rubber soles, and a soft, breathable lining.

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men 

The inside of the boots is made with COOLMAX fabric and a comfortable, no-slip padded footbed. That provides cushioning to reduce shock and impact and create a healthy, natural walking environment.

Designed with a slip-resistant TPU outsole that releases static electricity into the ground while driving or wearing sweaters. The boots are designed to provide all-day comfort, long-lasting durability, and slip-resistant and oil-resistant traction.

ROCKROOSTERs men’s work boots are fashionable, casual, and comfortable boots and are perfect for any job site environment or any casual setting.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for men, sporty and comfortable.
  • Work boots with slip-on design and wide heel and toe design for extra foot protection.
  • Durable soles and crafted with premium quality leather, slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, static-dissipating, abrasion-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof.
  • Breathable and Antibacterial, Antifungal and Anti-odor Prevent smell and mildew prolong shoe life.


  • Fashionable and durable
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Easy to Wear, and takeoff
  • Lightweight, Machine Washable
  • Removable foam insole


  • Sometimes leather doesn’t extend.
  • Without socks, sometimes it may cause heel pain.

Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Work Boot

If you’re on a search for a sturdy and comfortable pair of boots, you’ve come to the right place. These Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Work Boots are the perfect boots for you to wear on the job site, at the construction site, and even everywhere you go around town.

Wolverine Men's Buccaneer Work Boot

These boots are waterproof and extremely durable, making them a great choice for the rugged outdoorsman. The Wolverine brand is known for its durability and quality construction.

The Wolverine Contour Welt construction provides extreme flexibility while the wave mesh lining helps to keep feet dry. These work boots also have a removable full-cushion footbed to provide more comfort. The oil, water, abrasion, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant sole delivers incredible traction on any surface.

Highlighted Features

  • This Wolverine work boot is oil, water, abrasion, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant.
  • Wave Mesh moisture-wicking lining helps keep feet dry and cool in any weather conditions.
  • Leather and mesh upper are designed to last long and look great as it ages.
  • Contour Welt construction.
  • Patented rubber compound outsole provides long-lasting grip and stability on multiple surfaces.


  • Rubber outsole for long-lasting durability
  • Leather upper for comfort and durability
  • Padded collar for all-day wear
  • Removable, full-cushion footbed


  • Lack of electrical hazard protection
  • Not puncture-resistant

The TIDEWE Rubber Waterproof Anti-Slip Work Boot 

The TIDEWE Waterproof Rubber Anti-Slip Hunting Boots are ideal for working in the rain. These boots are designed and made for you to work in bad weather conditions.

The TIDEWE Rubber Waterproof Anti-Slip Work Boot 

The upper part of the boot is crafted from rubber with a neoprene material for comfort and warmth, offering complete waterproof protection. Drag-resistant soles offer excellent traction, keeping you steady on wet or slippery surfaces.

These boots are made from 100% top-grade waterproof rubber and neoprene. This is to ensure the durability of our boots so that you can use them for years to come.

TIDEWE’s genuine leather boots are built to withstand tough weather, as well as water and oil resistance. Designed with a steel toe and rubber sole, these boots will keep your feet protected through many work activities.

The width is helpful to know if you like a narrow or wide-fitting boot. Depending on how your foot is shaped, you may find it useful to measure both feet before making a shoe purchase.


  • Comfortable, warm, long-lasting, useful, and reasonably priced
  • Easy to put on and removable
  • Shrinkage resistance
  • High-quality rubber boot
  • Prevents moisture growth
  • Easily use for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, and farming


  • Hard to find the exact size for your feet

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Boot

If you love boots, stuffed animals, and long hot showers, Red Wing boots have the perfect boot for you. The Classic Lifestyle 6″ MOC boot’s full-grain leather uppers are crafted.

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Boot

This classic boot can protect your feet from the elements while you’re walking around your city or hiking through the mountains. The smooth leather lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and fresh all day.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable Rubber Outsoles Provide Excellent Traction.
  • Crafted with Steel Shank for Support and Stability.
  • Perspiration resistance ensures longevity.
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • Timeless style and rugged durability make the Classic Lifestyle 6″ MOC boot an instant classic.
  • Uppers made of full-grain water – resistant leather with seven-eyelet lacing.
  • An embossed design provide both style and durability.
  • Keep your feet healthy and moisture free.


  • It gives you great heel and arch support.
  • With a great level of waterproofing, you can keep water out.
  • Low-maintenance and quick-to-clean.
  • The contour footbed form is really comfortable.


  • If your feet are a standard size, you should order a half size smaller.

Irish Setter Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s Marshall Steel Toe Work Boot is a work boot that incorporates the latest technology to keep you on your feet and moving forward.

Irish Setter Men's Steel Toe Work Boot

When you are working, you want to be sure that your feet are protected and comfortable so you can focus on the job at hand. This waterproof leather boot comes with an ultra dry system that keeps moisture out while still letting sweat escape so your feet stay dry. It also comes with a removable polyurethane footbed for added comfort while working on your feet all day. 

This boot is manufactured with a premium full-grain waterproof leather upper, which is made to resist moisture. The removable polyurethane footbed provides additional support and comfort. It has an 11-inch pull-on steel toe work boot with full-grain waterproof leather and a removable polyurethane footbed.

Highlighted Features

  • Full-grain waterproof leather upper with a durable toe to protect against impact.
  • Removable polyurethane footbed fitted to reduce odor-causing bacteria.
  • The ultradry waterproofing system keeps feet dry, comfortable, and safe.


  • High-quality materials and sturdy and long-lasting structure.
  • With the sturdy and robust outsole, you’ll be able to walk comfortably on construction sites.
  • Can shield feet from potential dangers in electrically driven sections.
  • Water will not be able to enter because of the high level of waterproofing.
  • Because of the padded insoles and collar, these shoes are extremely comfy.
  • Provide extra arch and heel support.


  • They are difficult to break into.
  • The insoles’ slide resistance is doubtful.

ARIAT Men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe Boots

You’ve worked hard all day and you know that all you need is a pair of comfortable work boots to see you through the rest of your shift. ARIAT Men’s work boots are perfect for you.

ARIAT Men's Groundbreaker Square Toe Boots

They’re designed for superior traction so you can focus on your job and not worry about slips or spills. And if you don’t think that’s enough, wait until you try out the Duratread outsole or the 90-degree heel. They give you the added stability and support needed during long shifts.

Whether it’s in a warehouse or on a construction site, this high-quality footwear is as durable as they are comfortable. What more could you want in a pair of work boots? Make sure that no matter how hard you working, your feet stay protected.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber sole that is rigid.
  • High-heeled footwear.
  • 100% high-quality leather.
  • Pull loops on both sides.
  • Design with removable insoles.
  • The outsole is anti-slip and oil-resistant.


  • Due to the robust and powerful construction, it is quite long-lasting.
  • Easy to put on and removable.
  • Non-slip outsoles can help prevent slipping.
  • The plush insoles make it especially comfortable.
  • Prevent blisters and scratches on your feet.


  • Poor arch support.

Cat Footwear Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

A great choice for any outfit, this comfortable work boot has a rugged appearance that offers all-day protection. This men’s steel toe work boot has a rugged design that features oil and slip-resistant full-grain leather materials.

Cat Footwear Men's Steel Toe Work Boot

The slip-resistant, steel toe and rocker sole construction can keep you safe from everyday hazards, no matter the job at hand and full-grain leather materials provide you with long-lasting durability. The smooth midsole helps keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. A leather upper keeps your foot protected from the elements while ensuring a stylish look.


  • This premium-grade men’s work boot offers a perfect combination of safety, comfort, and durability.
  • The full-grain oil-resistant leather upper is rugged and built to withstand the daily demands of work in a variety of industrial settings.
  • Non-metallic steel toe provides protection without the weight. The lightweight composite shank provides reinforcement and stability.


  • After prolonged wear, the outsole may tear away from the upper.
  • Lacks flexibility, which may cause discomfort for some.
  • It’s quite heavy.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage MOC Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood offers safety toe boots for electricians and other craftsmen doing their job at the top of a utility pole, inside a construction pit, on the dock in icy conditions, or even welding. Designed with your needs in mind, these boots offer comfort, support, and protection while allowing you to focus on what matters most- your job.

Thorogood Men's American Heritage MOC Safety Toe Boot

When you’re on the job, your feet need to be comfortable and protected. And that goes for your passengers, too. The Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe boot was made with an oil-resistant rubber and leather upper, keeping feet dry and looking great. And with the Thorogood cement construction process toe that’s both comfortable and durable.

Highlighted Features

  • Full-Grain Leather Boots.
  • Steel Safety Toe protects your feet from on-site impact and synthetic soles.
  • Fabric lining for added breathability.
  • Composite shank for added stability.
  • This boot is a perfect combination of fashion and safety.

The DIIG Waterproof Working Boots

The DIIG steel toe work boots for men are an excellent choice for your working boots. The features include a wide profile design that lets you comfortably wear this durable pair of work boots. There will be no foot pains when wearing these comfortable steel toe work boots for men on a daily basis.

The DIIG Waterproof Working Boots

With the lace-up styles, water-resistance, and anti-static features, these work boots are suitable for a wide range of work environments. What’s more, the shoes for men look nice that can make you stand out in the crowd.

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Highlighted Features

  • The working boots are made of Goodyear welt construction and are strong enough.
  • Provides arch support and Elite Cushioned Insole.
  • A short break-in period gives a maximum effort.
  • It has COOLMAX technology.
  • By providing greater insulation from the ground, EH safety work boots protect you from unintentional contact with electrical charges.
  • Easy to clean.

Muck Chore Classic Rubber Work Boots

The Muck Boot Classic is the standard in waterproof work boots, the most comfortable footwear you can wear on a construction site. The proprietary neoprene blend provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproofing, shock absorption, and heat retention properties. Triple toe and quadruple rubber heel reinforcements for absolute protection.

Muck Chore Classic Rubber Work Boots

The Men’s Muck Chore Classic Boot is crafted with high-quality, 5 mm neoprene rubber that provides comfort and warmth in temperatures.

This black Work Boot is 100% waterproof, with a breathable air mesh lining to keep your feet dry. The rubber sole provides excellent traction, plus a durable, quick-cleaning outsole that reduces fatigue from repetitive motion on hard surfaces.


  • Waterproof boots.
  • Lining with breathable Air Mesh.
  • Shank made of steel.
  • Sole is Long-Lasting.
  • Easy to Clean.


  • Hard to select a perfect fit.
  • A little bit high priced.

Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger Boot

The perfect blend of casual and rugged, the Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot fits perfectly for a day at the ranch or a night on the town.

Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger Boot

This boot is built on a non-marking, oil-resistant sole, and is handsomely detailed with contrast stitching and a cap toe. It also features high polish hooks and eyelets.

This rugged boot features premium quality leather with stitch-down construction. Sometimes, small staples may penetrate the surface of the insole, creating small holes and leaving a small portion of the leather insole.

Highlighted Features

  • Classic Boot Style, Quality, Comfort, and Durability for Year-Round Wear
  • Long-Lasting
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Stitch down Toe Construction
  • Natural Leather Midsole and Outsole
  • Whole Foot Comfort System
  • Steel Toe

Timberland PRO Gridworks Safety Toe Waterproof Work Boots

Our pick Gridworks Soft Toe Waterproof work boot is everything a work boot should be: Safe, tough, and comfortable. A composite safety toe protects you from impact and compression.

Timberland PRO Gridworks Safety Toe Waterproof Work Boots

Timberland PRO Gridworks Alloy Safety Toe Waterproof Work Boots are lined in premium Full-Grain Leather, feature a comfort system designed with shock-absorbing, geometrical technology that returns energy back to the foot to deliver all-day support and comfort. The combination of a waterproof membrane and electrical hazard protection will keep your feet protected throughout a long day on site.


  • Most women’s feet fit perfectly.
  • With easy back pulls, you can quickly put on and take off your shoes.
  • Because of the outstanding Anti-Fatigue Technology, it is quite comfortable.
  • The Outsoles that are solid and sturdy will add further stability.
  • It is simple to clean and difficult to break.
  • Toes are well-protected from sharp items.


  • Lack of a padded collar.
  • Not so warm.

Arctic Shield Waterproof Outdoor Boots

The Arctic Shield Tactical Military Combat Boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry while providing extra protection on the job.

The waterproof 7mm neoprene upper combined with lightweight retain insulation helps to provide reliable warmth.

The easy pull tabs allow for easy on and off as well as the removable insoles for optimal comfort.

The solid traction rubber outsoles allow for extra durability on the job. These boots are built with care from the best quality rubber materials so you can count on them to last.

The Benefits of Wearing Concrete Specific Work Boots

Every job position has its own specific requirements as well as necessary gear for the job. Concrete work boots are no exception to this rule. But many people don’t understand what makes them different from other types of boots.

The Benefits of Wearing Concrete Specific Work Boots

Concrete construction is a fast-paced industry that uses workers who need to be tough and durable. Work boots are an essential part of the uniform for any concrete worker. However, it is critical to discover the proper fit. Concrete boots can make easier a concrete worker’s daily task and their advantages are very helpful for a worker.

Prevention of Slip And Fall

Anyone who works in the construction industry, or any activity that requires heavy lifting and long hours spent on concrete surfaces, will be well aware of how easy it is to suffer a work-related fall. These slips can cause a serious health problem and may even result in loss of life.   

It’s not just the risk of slipping that should concern you; footwear that is not tough enough to withstand the rigors of the job will easily wear thin. As this happens, chances are that your feet will be exposed to any number of dangerous contaminants.

Longer Lasting Than Ordinary Footwear

Concrete is one of the most dangerous terrains and working on it wearing regular footwear can cause injury and accidents. Workers who wish to keep their job in areas where concrete work is being done are required to wear specialized footwear. That can protect them against the dangers of this environment.

These work boots for concrete come with special features one needs to be comfortable on a hot slab or inside a freshly poured foundation. Concrete isn’t just hard. It is also very abrasive, and wearing ordinary shoes will not protect your feet from getting abraded by the cold hard surface.

Abrasive particles from concrete may even get stuck under regular shoes and mix with sweat to cause fungal infection when you leave your shoes off overnight. Prevent any such fungal problem by using these work boots for concrete instead.

The Most Common Types of Concrete Work Boots

It is very important to have the right kind of concrete work boots for the job. There are several types of different concrete work boots available on the market today, and each one is made for a specific type of environment. If you need to be safe on the job site and get your work done efficiently. Then it’s best to invest in a quality pair of concrete work boots that will allow you to do all day without worry or distraction.

The Most Common Types of Concrete Work Boots

Slip Resistant Boots

Think of slip-resistant boots as a safe alternative to normal work boots. They offer stability even in oily or wet concrete surfaces and are also shock resistant.

Water-Resistant Boots

As water-resistant boots are designed to prevent your feet from getting wet on rainy days. It is able to protect you from water while working outside. It can prevent your feet from the possibility of fungal infections and other harm.

Insulated of The Boots

Insulated boots for concrete are used in work environments where high or low temperatures are present. The added insulation is a layer that can be worked into the boot to protect your feet from extreme heat or cold. This provides another layer of protection in what you might call the exoskeleton of the work boot.

Final Words

When it comes to safety boots, you want a product that will be comfortable and protective. The right pair makes all the difference when it comes to working on a concrete floor.

The best boots for concrete workers are made of quality materials and offer a comfortable fit. They should also be stylish enough to wear off the job. As you can see, there are many types of boots that meet these criteria. So, it’s now up to you to decide which pair will work best for your needs. We hope this article has been helpful for you to find the best boots for concrete work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Concrete Work Boots Have A Steel Toe?

Not all work boots feature steel toes, depending on the safety specifications required. For light-duty work, workers may wear plastic or aluminum toes. Composite toes, which also provide protection for toes, are another popular choice.

What Is The Best Durable Work Boot Outsole?

Rubber or thermoplastic polyurethane (often referred to as TPU) is one of the most durable materials used by workers, particularly in manual jobs.

Typically, they are resistant to water, oil, and abrasion. So these kinds of boots are perfect for work environments where there might be a lot of standing around in slippery conditions. These kinds of boots also provide a good degree of grip which means you stay safe on concrete surfaces.

The biggest benefit of this material when it comes to its uses by those with manual jobs is just how long-lasting it tends to be.

How To Protect Boots From Concrete?

Applying a waterproofing layer to your work boots can increase their durability and longevity. You can apply additional layers every 2-3 weeks for optimum protection. The process is simple and inexpensive. You will need to purchase water-based cleaning products and brush at any local store.

Before applying the product, be sure that the boot’s surface is completely dry. This will ensure maximum efficacy. Then simply apply the water-based agent on the area (brush it on in small circular motions) until every inch has been covered with a thin film of liquid.

After waiting, carefully remove any excess liquid while ensuring that the resealed surface stays intact. Then let it dry out in the open air before using them again.

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How Can I Know Which Boots Are Right For Me?

To ensure a good fit, you’ll want to look for boots that meet your specific requirements. It’s all a matter of checking off your list as you make your way through the options available to you.

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