How To Stop Boots From Squeaking

Do you have a pair of boots that are so squeaky they’re embarrassed to wear? No one wants to be noticed while walking down the street. Especially when what is being heard is a high-pitched squeal. The good news is there are ways to stop your boots from squeaking and make them wearable again. In this article, we’ve provided some simple methods that will help you on how to stop boots from squeaking.

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Boots are a very common piece of footwear, and they come in many different varieties. Whether you’re wearing ankle boots or knee-high boots, your feet are going to need some breaking in. Especially if you’ve never worn them before. The only way to do this is by wearing the boots for at least a few hours every day until they have loosened up. Over time your feet will start to feel more comfortable when you wear your new pair of boots.

You’ll hear them coming from a mile away. The unbearable sounds of squeaky shoes, boots, and sandals as people walk by. But these audible annoyances not only just come from the sound of high heels on pavement or rubber soles on linoleum but also they can happen with any pair of shoes that don’t fit perfectly, especially if they’re new.

We all know how annoying it can be when your shoes are making that annoying squeaking noise. It’s distracting and embarrassing. But the good news is there are things you can do to prevent your feet from being so noisy.

What Are The Causes Of Squeaky Boots?  

What Are The Causes Of Squeaky Boots  

Even though you may have a high-quality pair of boots, you might be wondering why the soles squeak. The answer is that your boots are probably not well broken in yet. Once they have been worn for some time, your boots should stop making noise as soon as you walk. But there are also a few reasons that your boots squeaking and we are giving the actual reasons below.

New Boots Squeak

When you buy new leather boots, they usually squeak. This is because the leather is naturally stiff at first. The multiple treatments applied to make them as stiff as wood cause the boots to squeak, and you may develop blisters on your feet. The stiffness makes your boots prone to squeaking and this same stiffness is responsible for the occurrence of the blister on your feet.

Old Boots Squeak

You may notice that your squeaky boots are getting old. Old boots have cracks, become stiff, and have loose-fitting seams. All of these factors contribute to the noise boots make when they’re rubbed against a surface. A lot of squeaking is also common in old boots.

Wet Boots Squeak

Wet Boots Squeak

Whenever your boots get wet, they tend to make a lot of noise. The soles, insoles, and lining are made of spongy material which soaks up gallons of water. When you walk, the pressure you apply on the sponge releases some water which makes the boots squeak.

The Friction Of The Boots

That’s why your boots squeak. When your boot rubs against a surface, like a floor, it makes a sound. To prevent the sounds, use a polish to reduce friction.

The Materials Of The Boots

The design of the shoe is not just about its outer appearance, fabric, color, and pattern. The real design of the shoe lies in its structure. If the materials used to make the boots are not right, nothing can be done to salvage them. The boots will squeak because of low materials.

Imperfect Manufacturing Process

Some consumers believe that the squeaking is due to the poor construction of the boots. However, manufacturers are sometimes to blame for the problems.

The sole of a boot is often manufactured in separate parts and attached separately. This can lead to air pockets within the sole, which causes it to squeak.

Inappropriate Outsoles

When you want to maintain your balance while walking, it’s a good idea to use outsoles that provide tread patterns. However, when you walk on wet or slippery ground, your steps will make squeaky sounds like the suction from the outsoles breaks.

Which Part Of Boots Mainly Squeaks?

  • The insoles
  • The sole
  • The heel
Which Part Of Boots Mainly Squeaks

Your heels make a lot more noise when you walk on hard floors. Walk on the carpet if possible. The more empty space your heels have, the more sound they’ll make. Wear shoes that are well-fitting and comfortable to reduce foot pain.

How To Stop Boots From Squeaking? 5 Easy Methods

If your boots continue to make noise or if a new pair continues to squeak, there are some methods you can do at home that will help stop the noise and get them to quiet down.

Method 1: Break In Your Boots To Stop Your Boots From Squeaking

Squeaky boots are an unfortunate fact of life for many people. It’s not because your boots are cheap or poorly made; squeaks just happen sometimes. The good news is that they’re easy to fix and prevent, so you can get back to enjoying your favorite pair of boots.

Break In Your Boots To Stop Your Boots From Squeaking

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If your boots squeak, you’ll want to find the source of the noise and stop it. You can start by breaking in your boots like you would break in a new pair of shoes. Start with a brisk walk around the house. Then take them on short walks outside. Wear them while going about daily chores and errands. A little bit of time spent walking around will help soften up the leather inside, as well as stretch out any stiff areas for quicker wear-in.

Method 2: Use A Dryer Sheet To Stop Boots From Squeaking

The method is simple. You will have to rub a dryer sheet or paper towel on the soles of your boots, particularly at the areas where they touch the ground. The dryer sheet’s texture will absorb any moisture that causes squeaking and stops it from happening. You should know that this method works for high heels as well as closed-toe.

Remove the lining from your boots. Put a paper towel or dryer sheet between the sole and the lining. Secure it in place with your boots. Then leave them to dry for several hours, leading to the vibrating sound in your shoes. Once the boot is dry, replace the lining and wear them again.

Method 3: Apply Conditioning Oil To Stop Boots From Squeaking

Conditioning oil is a substance applied to leather boots or shoes to help them resist water. The oil helps the footwear grip more firmly against the surface of the ground. And it creates a barrier that prevents water from seeping into the leather.

Apply Conditioning Oil To Stop Boots From Squeaking

Both of these factors are essential for preventing squeaking, which can be caused by either moisture or friction between your feet and the inside of your boots.

You can clean and oil your boots by following these three steps.

  • Remove the laces from your boots.
  • Clean and brush your boots with a stiff-bristled brush to remove any dust particles or dirt that may have accumulated on them.
  • Take a cloth and rub it on the surfaces of oil. Start by rubbing the oil into the sides, tongue, upper, and backside of the boots.

Method 4: Use Talcum Powder To Stop Boots from Squeaking

Squeaky boots annoy everyone who wears them. It is one of the most annoying sounds that you could ever hear on the floor, especially if you have to wear your boots daily or even every week. but you can stop it by using talcum powder.

One of the most effective ways to stop boots from squeaking would be to use talcum powder. This substance is made up mainly of cornstarch, which absorbs moisture and makes shoes more flexible. Using a little talcum powder on your squeaky boots will make them go away for good.

Instructions For Using Talcum Powder

If you can remove the liner, take it out and set it aside. This will give you greater access to the area where the sole attaches to the inside of your boot. If your boots are the kind without an inner lining, remove the inner sole carefully. Glue it back once you’ve fixed the squeak.

After you take off the insole, sprinkle some talcum powder or baby powder, or cornstarch between the insole and upper. That will keep the two surfaces from rubbing and help stop the squeaking inside your boots.

Method 5: Use A Hairdryer To Dry Your Wet Boots

If you have ever walked in wet boots after the rain and heard them squeak, then it’s time to take action. Although most of us would like to believe that our boots will remain dry as long as they are waterproof, we all experience that wet boots can be quite noisy.

Final Thoughts On Stop Boots From Squeaking

Boots can be a great addition to your fashion. But if they squeak when you walk it can be embarrassing and squeaky boots can be uncomfortable to your comfort and enjoyment of outdoor activity.

When squeaking is annoying, it doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety. While not the most pleasant noise, a squeaky boot is a harmless occurrence that does not mean you need to buy new footwear.

There are several ways to stop boots from squeaking. Some are quicker fixes than others, but most require some effort on your part, and we’ve compiled them in this article. We hope these methods have been helpful.

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